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Learn to dance at one of our adult Ballroom & Latin American dance classes in Worthing, West Sussex

 Learn to Dance


All classes are based at the Heene Community Centre, Heene Road, Worthing BN11 4PL


We teach adults only, from beginners to more experienced dancers in Ballroom & Latin American dancing



Grade 2 Class

(Couples Only)

Monday's 7.15 to 8.15 pm - £7.00 pp

If you have previously undertaken some classes and wish to progress from the basic figures of the dances, this class may be suitable for you.

Grade 1 Class

(Couples Only)

Monday's 8.15 to 9.15 pm - £7.00 pp

You have been throught a beginners class and are looking to progress further, then this class could be for you.

Beginners Class

(Couples only)

Fridays  - 7.00 pm to 07.50 - £7.00 pp


   This class is for non dancers who wish to learn Ballroom & Latin American dancing for the first time.



Grade 3 Class

(Couples only)


Friday - 8.00 to 9.00 - £7.00 per person


You will already have a good grounding in the basic techniques and figures, and want to improve your dancing skills and learn more figures in your dances?

Then this could be the class for you.

On the following dates the Grade 3 Friday classes will be superseded with a practice night (for class pupils only) to give pupils the chance to consolidate their class work under supervision, hours will be 8.00 to 10.00 pm, normal class fees apply.


8th of January

12th of February

11th of March

8th of April

6th of May

10th of June

8th of July

12th of August

9th of September

7th of October

11th of November

9th of December


By prior arrangement - £35.00 per hour


If you are unable to make our classes, prefer to learn at your own pace, or have outgrown the classes, then personal tuition could be for you. You decide which dances you wish to concentrate on in your lesson.



Your own dance choreographed to suit your ability and requirements. You will usually need around ten lessons to fully learn and execute the dance of your choice for that big occasion.


Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that if you wish to cancel a private lesson, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required. Failure to give this notice will result in the full cost of the lesson(s) being charged. This is unfortunate but necessary in order to cover the costs incurred by the dance school. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

For further information and/or to book your place for one of our classses,
use the contacts page or call on 07850 430472





Our dance lessons are a great start to each week and something we both enjoy doing together. Brian and his wife Doreen, are great teachers and the classes move at a good pace (not too fast). One year on. we are really pleased with the progress we have made and the variety of dances we have the basic steps for. Simply Dancing also offer practcie dances once a month and social dances once a month on Saturdays, which we try to attend as often as we can. 
Abbey & Andy Richardson

I wanted to let you know that Richard and I will not be able to return to Monday dance classes this term. I have taken on a new job based in Cobham, meaning both Richard and myself do not get home until 7pm when we need to pass our attention to our kiddies.

We have both thoroughly enjoyed the classes last term and are disappointed not to be able to continue at this time.

Thank you both so much for your patience and kindness. You have the ability to make us smile when we got it wrong (which we did quite a lot!) however we had a fabulous time and truly hope we can sign up to another class very soon!

Richard and Beckyv


Our next New Beginners Ballroom & Latin class commences 23rd of September 2016, to book your place get in touch via the Contacts page or call 07850 430472.


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